Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wow, broke even

The Hamilton market was great today, I sold out in a couple of hours and broke even for the first month. I hope I break even or make a profit every month from now on. Everyone was really happy with what I had brought and I am starting to get regulars that buy more each month. I will not have a great deal to take next month but I should be harvesting more each month after that.

I noticed red legged earth might killing my seedlings a couple of days ago and now that I have harvested all that I had ready, I can spray them tomorrow. I wish there was an organic way to deal with them but my research hasn't turned up anything so I still have to keep up my two sprayings in spring. If I don't spray them  they will totally destroy all my vegetables within a week - I have no choice.

At least red legged earth mite is the only serious pest I have. I complain about the snails and a couple of other things but I can live with them, and use non-poisonous control means. The only other thing I have to control with chemicals is the damn couch grass but I only have to spray that a few times the first year of a new block, then it is down to a level where I can hand weed.

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