Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oh boy, I must post more often

It is amazing how time flies, I didn't think it was this long since I last posted.

The weeds are getting out of control with spring coming, they have overgrown some of my beds so I will be out redigging the beds in the coming couple of weeks and replanting them. I think it is still a bit early for most of my seeds, I don't want to risk them getting a frost on them as they are growing then bolting to seed. My caulis and broccoli has all bolted but I have not pulled them up because the heads are still good for stir-fry packs.

It is still very cold and wet so the veggies are only just starting to show a little growth. I am hanging out for a bit of warmer weather but it will bring on new growth that will be burnt off with the spring frosts that are coming.

My rat-tails are growing slowly, not enough to take to saturdays market. I tasted one, it was ok but probably better in a stir-fry rather than raw.

I should have enough fresh stuff to take to the market and I hope I get my table back after not being able to go last month.

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