Friday, August 31, 2012

More rain and more rain

Most of my vegetables are under water right now. I remember in the summer how I was complaining that the heat and dry was killing all the plants, not they are rotting in the water. Pulled a couple of carrots and the bottoms have rotted off - I may have to pull them all if there are not enough good to sell :(

Went to the Henty hall and garden club meeting last night and got bogged. I didn't see the water in the grass when I drove in the gate. Lucky there was someone there with a ute to pull me (and another unlucky person) out.

I have a few empty beds to redig and sow but they are like a swamp so I am waiting impatiently for the predicted warm, dry weather in a few days. It will be good to get some real work done.

My rat tails will be ready to start harvesting in a couple of weeks. I shared a few around at the Henty meeting and they went down well. I think they will sell at the market.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wow, broke even

The Hamilton market was great today, I sold out in a couple of hours and broke even for the first month. I hope I break even or make a profit every month from now on. Everyone was really happy with what I had brought and I am starting to get regulars that buy more each month. I will not have a great deal to take next month but I should be harvesting more each month after that.

I noticed red legged earth might killing my seedlings a couple of days ago and now that I have harvested all that I had ready, I can spray them tomorrow. I wish there was an organic way to deal with them but my research hasn't turned up anything so I still have to keep up my two sprayings in spring. If I don't spray them  they will totally destroy all my vegetables within a week - I have no choice.

At least red legged earth mite is the only serious pest I have. I complain about the snails and a couple of other things but I can live with them, and use non-poisonous control means. The only other thing I have to control with chemicals is the damn couch grass but I only have to spray that a few times the first year of a new block, then it is down to a level where I can hand weed.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oh boy, I must post more often

It is amazing how time flies, I didn't think it was this long since I last posted.

The weeds are getting out of control with spring coming, they have overgrown some of my beds so I will be out redigging the beds in the coming couple of weeks and replanting them. I think it is still a bit early for most of my seeds, I don't want to risk them getting a frost on them as they are growing then bolting to seed. My caulis and broccoli has all bolted but I have not pulled them up because the heads are still good for stir-fry packs.

It is still very cold and wet so the veggies are only just starting to show a little growth. I am hanging out for a bit of warmer weather but it will bring on new growth that will be burnt off with the spring frosts that are coming.

My rat-tails are growing slowly, not enough to take to saturdays market. I tasted one, it was ok but probably better in a stir-fry rather than raw.

I should have enough fresh stuff to take to the market and I hope I get my table back after not being able to go last month.

Monday, August 13, 2012

My rat-tails are making rat tails

My rat tailed radishes are making little pods at long last. Here is a picture of my little test patch flowering away. The plants are over a metre tall and very healthy. They don't mind the frost at all.

And here is a close-up of a couple of pods

I hope they are a good seller at the market. I will have to taste one when it is a bit bigger.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Starting to get into spring mode

With the plants waking up and a few nice days I have been busy in the garden. I have planted my water chestnuts, potted up a heap of plants and cuttings for sale later.

I couldn't get onto my D block for a couple of days as a pair of plovers had taken their newly hatched chicks there. They have moved on down the street so I don't have to duck now. I have been busy there transplanting a heap of seedlings onto new beds so I can weed their old beds. The dormant seeds in the ground are really coming along and I couldn't weed with the vegetables in there as the weeds were too thick.

I will put up a picture of my new raised beds for the Chinese yams. They are all filled and waiting for the plants. I have wired them together so I can easily pull them apart to harvest in a year or two.

Got some horseradish roots in the mail today and they are in pots now till I figure out where to put them.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Such a busy day

The weather is good, all the plants are waking up, so it is time to get to work.

I got 2 metres of potting mix delivered, and built and filled two raised beds to plant my Chinese yams in. The tubers grow so deep that is difficult to dig them up so raised beds that can be pulled apart to harvest is the best solution. Will plant them tomorrow.

Got most of my water chestnuts planted. The rest will go in a friends dam later in the week.

Did a heap of potting. I repotted a heap of plants that were doing no good because I put them in bad potting mix. They should grow well now. Put some alpine strawberry seeds in but it is still too early for most of my other seeds yet.

I can't wait till the summer/autumn when some of my more unusual things will be harvested and I can taste them. I hope the Chinese keys and American groundnuts do well so I have enough to sell. If I am really lucky my blue sausage fruit plants will fruit, but I think they are still a bit young. I may have to wait another year.

A couple of days ago I went shopping and bought a native desert lime, maquie berry and bay tree. I love fruit tree shopping.