Friday, July 13, 2012

The plants are waking up early

All the deciduous plants have decided that they have had enough of sleeping and are already starting to burst their buds, just in time for frosts to bit them off.  The avocados have their flower buds swelling but I'm sure we will have enough frosts in the next two months to make sure they don't set fruit, oh well, such is life.

Here is the promised picture of the first rat-tailed radish floweers. They are so cute. White with purple veining

And here are a couple of the 60 litre tubs that I will be planting my water chestnuts into. Don't worry, I am still adding dirt here.

My yard is going to look very pretty with all the coloured tubs. I still have to buy 6 more. I think I will plant a lotus into one just to find out if this size tub is big enough.

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