Thursday, June 21, 2012

Starting on block J

WOW, that is all I can say. The soil on my new block is so good. It is a rich, dark loam with heaps of big, fat worms, and, amazingly, no curl grubs. Quite different than my block behind the house that is only 400 metres away.
I was expecting it to be clay but I was surprised that even digging deeply revealed no clay. I can see this block producing really well. Can't wait to see the huge harvest of melons and pumpkins I will get in the summer.

It has rained most of today so I didn't get much work done except for that little bit of digging. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same but it should clear on the weekend.

Here is my rocket, just exploding with growth at the moment. Luckily with the cold weather the bigger leaves are not too strong tasting.

My purple potatoes I have harvested and I cooked last night. This is purple congo, goes well with my purple peeling knife, lol. I also have a few other colours for the table but had a poor harvest this year.

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