Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oh no, I think I have lost block 3

I caught up with the lady who was going to lease me block no. 3 and I think she is changing her mind. I don't know why but she seems cold and making up excuses why I can't start working on it. Damn, I really need that block. I hope I can find another soon.

I dug up the rest of my oca today and the yacon. I was going to leave the yacon a bit longer but the tubers are all split because of dry then wet. I thought I might as well save what I can. Next year I will have to water them better and more regularly.

Here is a picture of the size of my oca tubers this year. I am very happy with them.

Here are a couple of my yacon tubers. They are  abit small this year because I didn't look after them as well as I should have. Mmmm, I love yacon.

I noticed that my rocket is trying to flower so I trimmed off all the flower stalks. I hope I can keep it going for a few months yeat as it is a good seller at the market.

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