Friday, June 1, 2012

Garden club and soy drink

Last night I popped in on a meeting of the Henty garden club, a tiny club with some passionate and very interesting members. I had a great time and got to chat about a number of topics with various members. I met a teacher at the Merino school who is involved with their kitchen garden program and learnt a lot about that.

Yesterday I also received a call from the soy drink company Vitasoy. I had sent them an email asking if their soy contained GM soybeans as the package no longer states the fact. I was assured that the soybeans are not GM. It has me wondering why they took that statement off the packaging at all as it would be important to many people who buy the stuff. I much prefer Vitasoy (which has whole soy beans in it) than Sogood which comes across as cheap and nast to me, and doesn't even contain soybeans, just the protein isolate.

Today was a glorious day for the first day of winter. I did some weeding but not a lot else.

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