Saturday, May 19, 2012

Waiting for people and not getting anything done - sigh.

I spent all today waiting for someone to come and pick up a bed we don't want any more. At last she messaged and said she forgot but will come around tomorrow. I really hope she does as the weeds won't wait.
I did manage to get out and water the germinating seeds and some seedlings I transplanted yesterday but I will have to pull my finger out tomorrow. I have some more transplanting to do as well as mowing the lawn and weeding, of course. I also have to get three beds ready for planting. I think I will put in some cauliflower and toy choy but I am not sure what I will put in the third - maybe soem transplants so I don't have to throw them out.

It is only a week till the next Hamilton market. Many of my carrots are mis-shapen and unsellable so I won't have as much to sell as I hoped. I have to do a better job with separating my seeding plants next time as I let too many cross. I have separated my new beds of carrots to avoid this problem come spring.
I will have to remember to start the chickpea sprouts on wednesday so they will be ready.

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  1. I hate waiting around for people that don't turn up.