Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm exhausted and pepinos

With a couple of days of non-stop digging and weeding, I have to go to my other part-time job tomorrow to have a rest, lol. Got some seeds today but I will have to wait until spring to put them in.

 I did plant some more snow peas. I am putting a few beds into snow peas for a few reasons:
  • Most people like them and they are too expensive in the shops. My CSA shareholders will love them I think.
  • They make a reasonable weed supressing mat (mostly because I am too lazy to stake them)
  • They add nitrogen to the soil so I don't have to add any artificial fertiliser to the next crop in those beds.
My pepinos are starting to ripen now but I am getting a few bugs in them, especially soldier beetles and slugs. I picked 5 today. They ripen very slowly but I should have a few for the next market. I will post a picture or two tomorrow.

Pepinos can be delicious raw but they are so unreliable in taste that I prefer to cook them. Cooking really makes them beautiful. I had one stewed with my ice-cream for dessert tonight. Absolutely delicious, yum.

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