Monday, May 28, 2012

Damn, I'm getting so forgetful

I meant to take some pictures for this blog today but forgot. I got some special seeds for breeding in the mail so I planted a couple of packets of them - genetically diverse siberian kales and leeks, and also planted some 'Green Wave' mustard which got a good review in Carol Depps book on breeding vegetable varieties at home. The other packets will wait till spring.
I didn't do much else because it drizzled most of the day and my back has been hurting.

I dug a couple more bed and am nearly ready to start on my third block so I will try and catch up with the owner in the next few days.

I dug over a bed of carrots that I was having trouble with - the ones that did not grow properly. I think the problem must have been because they were planted in the middle of summer and the heat got them, as the soil is fine. I put some onions in their place.

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