Saturday, May 5, 2012

Asparagus and more

After deciding not to do asparagus for the CSA I spent yesterday diging a new bed for them. I really don't like them as a crop because, like corn, they just don't give me the bang for the buck that I need to make money on a tiny bit of land. They only produce for a few weeks a year and use up space that could be turning over a number of crops.

Anyway... I ended up turning over a bit of waste area for them that I had nothing else in. They had better be worth it, lol.

Today I planted beds of white cauliflower, wong bok and romanesco broccoli. Tomorrow I think I will dig a couple more beds and put in some more snow peas and red bok choy.

The cold weather has really slowed down germination. Most things are taking 2-3 weeks to germinate now rather than the one week in the warmer weather.

I printed a heap of fliers for the CSA program. Time is getting on and I need to get the word out as it is only 3 weeks till I wanted to start the winter CSA season. If I don't get the subscribers I am not too worried as the market will be a good sales point.

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