Monday, April 16, 2012

Sandford market and other things

Sandford market yeasterday was pretty dead. Only a handful of stalls and customers. I don't usually break even by going there but I like to support it and keep myself known. It is only a tiny local market. They are breaking till the spring.

Picked another white horned melon  but it was no better than they were a week ago. The plants are dying so they are as ripe as they are going to get. They taste like a mix of cucumber and unripe banana so I won't be growing them again. I was hoping they would be at least as good as Kiwano that they are related to. I will keep a few seeds as they are rare so someone might want to breed with them, perhaps.

Finely brought in the rest of the globe artichoke flower heads for seed so they don't self-seed all over the place. I am really disappointed that I only go one single seed off the jerusalem artichokes. Oh well, always next year.

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