Monday, April 30, 2012

Oh goodie, new seeds

My seeds from Baker Creek arrived today. I went straight out and planted the ones that can be planted now. 'Tainong Emperor' heading mustard, celtice, exra dwarf pak choy and rocky top lettuce blend (a fun mix of coloured loose-leaf lettuces. I had to dig a couple more beds but it was worth it to get the seeds in. Can't wait to see how they go.

I was delighted this morning to see that my rat-tailed radish seeds were germinating. This is a special and interesting crop and I am excited to see how it sells at the market.

I had two markets over the weekend and was really happy with the reception I got at both. On saturday I had my usual table at the Hamilton Farmers market and though I didn't have much to sell, people were really interested and I sold out quickly. I didn't have a moment to be bored - there were so many people asking questions. I hope I get some customers for my CSA program from it. Time will tell.

My Hamilton table on Saturday.

On sunday was the Casterton market. I was only there to promote my gourds but I also had seeds for sale. The seeds sold well and many people were interested in the gourds as well. It went really well and I gave away more flyers for the CSA.

It looks like the market garden will be a goer, and everyone was really interested in buying unusual and 'different' vegetables.

I ordered some more seeds off Ebay and should get them at the end of the week I hope. More beds to dig, *sigh*

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