Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New beds dug and seeds planted

The weather is cool today and we had 13mm of rain which was great. An inch or two would be better but I am happy with anything at the moment.

Put in some red brussels sprout seeds as well as more mixed colour carrots and arugula. If I could stop whatever is eating my seedlings now I would be on the way to having a good lot of veg for the markets in a couple of months.

The 'Aunt Molly' cape gooseberries have been ripening a few berries, not many but they were put in late. These are the best and sweetest variety of cape gooseberry that I have grown and I think I will stick with them only next season. I have saved some seed from them but I hope I can bring them through the winter anyway.

I ran a fever most of last night and am feeling a lot better, though tired, today. I should be able to catch up on some weeding tomorrow.

A friend has suffered a heart attack so his wife is accompanying him to adelaide and I will have to look after their chickens for a while. This is in Mt Gambier so will involve a bit of travel if they are away for too long as I will have to come back for work next week. Oh well, what are friends for. I hope it turns out all-right for them.

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