Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lovely weather and weeds galore

The weather has been warm yesterday and today, and continuing on till tomorrow. Weeds are flourishing and tiny veggie plants are germinating. Good to be out in the garden :)

Planted out a bed of perennial leeklings to harvest as well as some to produce for next time. They are not as good as 'real' leeks but I grow them because they are easy and there is always some around if you need them.

My brussels sprouts and cauliflowers are germinating but I am worrying that the soil is too soft for them to produce well. I might have to dig them up when they are a bit bigger, compress the soil by jumping on it, then planting them back in. I hope it will work. A good experiment anyway.

I really have to get out and dig a few more beds before my latest order from Baker Creek Seeds gets here. Now that I am not sick I really have no excuse.

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